Nissan's Newest Hybrid and EV Innovation Efforts

As the world of automotive innovation continues to evolve, hybrid technology and electric vehicle research continue to lead the way. Many brands and buyers have acknowledged the advantages of hybrid and electric power moving away from traditional fueling sources. Nissan is a brand that is deeply vested in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles. With a current inventory lineup that is ridden with plug-in hybrid, pure hybrid, and electric vehicle options, Nissan just keeps adding to what it has to offer to buyers from Anderson, SC.

New Model Introductions

There will be a new addition to Nissan's current Hybrid and EV lineup in the upcoming day, which provides exciting new models for buyers in Greenville, SC, to sustainably enjoy. Ranking in the same market space as the Nissan LEAF, the Nissan Ariya will be making its appearance in and beyond in 2021 or 2022. This vehicle will be an all-electric SUV that features a futuristic design and minimal lines that give it a clean and modern appearance. We are excited about this model because it gives future owners a way to transport their family in style and comfort while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Current Hybrid and EV Model Improvements

As with every vehicle model in Simpsonville, there is always room for improvement in Nissan's current hybrid and EV lineup. This brand's focus will be on the pre-existing Nissan LEAF that buyers have come to know and love. Enhancements in range readings, interior design, and ride smoothness are improvements we expect to see from this vehicle in Easley soon. Currently, the Nissan LEAF is a great choice for an electric vehicle, but Nissan desires to make it even better for buyers in Powdersville. At Benson Nissan of Easley, we will update these models as soon as they are available.

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