If you want to build your company's fleet and save big on your taxes while doing it, you can use it as a tax-deductible purchase through the section 179 deduction. Whether you buy or lease a new Nissan, you can apply its total purchase price to your business' gross income for that fiscal year. Through this discount, you even enjoy an additional deduction after the first year's depreciation. Let us tell you more about how the section 179 tax break works at Benson Nissan of Easley. You will find our dealership less than 42 minutes outside of Anderson, SC.

How Section 179 Deductions Work

Before this tax incentive, you could only receive a partial deduction for a vehicle as a business expense, depending on its annual depreciation. For example, a construction company near Greenville, SC, that purchased $50,000 worth of equipment could write off about $10,000 annually. However, now with the Section 179 deduction, you can write off the full purchase price of the vehicle and get a big discount on your taxes, depending on the overall value of the Nissan models you purchase from our dealership. People previously referred to the Section 179 deduction as the "SUV tax loophole" or "Hummer deduction" as it primarily referred to crossovers. Today, this deduction applies to any vehicle used for business-related reasons, be it a sedan, hatchback, crossover, or pickup truck.

While this deduction can prove beneficial to all businesses, it is not without its limitations. Ultimately, a business near Piedmont can enjoy up to $1,050,000 in deductions annually, making it a friendlier incentive for small and medium-sized businesses instead of corporations. As long as your business spends less than $3,670,000 annually, it would help if you qualified for this deduction.

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The Nissan brand is a great one to have in any business endeavor, whether you're a florist, bank manager, construction worker, electrician, or restaurant owner. Any Nissan model can become a welcome addition to your business and qualify for a Section 179 tax deduction. Learn more about our Nissan commercial benefits and visit Benson Nissan of Easley to get started. Simpsonville shoppers will find us less than a 30-mile drive outside of their hometown. We look forward to working with you!

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